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(25) 15x12x9 Boxes Per Bundle
Great for shipping, storing books, collectibles and small manufactured items. Solid, industry standard 32ect, these boxes are shipped flat.



20 Boxes+
Size range of 18x15x12
Great for shipping, storing larger books, collectibles, dishes, glasses and almost all kitchenware. Solid, industry standard 32ect, these boxes are shipped flat.



(15) 24x16x17 Boxes Per Bundle
Great for shipping, storing larger household items such as pillows, collectibles, larger dishes, serving platters, plants, lamps and stereo & computer equipment. Solid, industry standard 32ect, these boxes are shipped flat.


(10) 24x24x15 Boxes Per Bundle
Great for shipping, storing larger household items such as comfortors, blankets, clothes, lamps, pillows and any large / lighter items - These boxes are big, so remember to keep the weight so it can be carried. Solid, industry standard 32ect, these boxes are shipped flat.


(3) Boxes Per Bundle
Our wardrobes aren't wimpy! They are larger than most - a hefty 20x20x48, Single Strength portable closet! You'll use them over and over again - Great for storing winter and summer clothes too! Our Heavy Duty Boxes ensure your clothes won't sag before you do on your next move. Each Wardrobe Box comes with a sturdy metal hanger bar.



This 4 roll bundle will give you about 440 yards of tape. Equal to 4.5 football fields or enough to seal about 100 medium boxes. Very strong and durable.


The perfect combination to seal your boxes with our Packing Tape. This sturdy tape dispenser will hold a standard 3" core of tape and comes fully assembled. It's lightweight, made of steel and high-impact plastic and will last for years.



Wrap it up!
Protect everything and anything with this big 5"x1000 foot roll. Protects against dust, dirt, scratches and your sweat and tears from moving. Great for sofas, tables, dressers and anything you can imagine.




Protect your belongings with our big bundles of bubble wrap. Say that 10 times fast - It's 12" wide x 100 Feet and perforated for easy separation with medium-sized bubble's that won't pop. Really, it's true. Honest. Ideal for moving and protecting glass and other fragile items.




Great for protecting fragile items and filling in empty space when your packing. This package contains 25lbs of 24"x36" inkless paper - the perfect size to help you on your next move!


Stock Up! Our Packing Paper is the most economical way to protect your fragile items. Most items break during the big move because of empty space in packed boxes. It is not recommended to use standard newspaper - the ink can damage your stuff! Fill those spaces with our Packing Paper to protect your items.



The perfect cutter - before and after your move. This 5" cutter comes ready with an easily replaceable blade. It's made of sturdy metal for tough tasks and will fit in your shirt pocket - ready when you are.




Great Protection from dust, dirt and stains for any size mattress or box spring and other large items. Vented to prevent ballooning. It comes sealed on three sides - seal the top with tape and your ready to go!


Twin/Full Mattress Cover




Queen Mattress Cover 60x8x90



King Mattress Cover





Yes, these boxes have not been used at all. We make large quantities of specific size boxes to suit your moving needs. We assemble these moving boxes into specially designed Moving Kits and Box Bundles.

YES! Our minimum strength for any box is 50lb test weight / perfect for moving and shipping - many of our boxes exceed this standard.

The box manufacturing process involves "converting" huge rolls of corrugated "kraftboard", sometimes referred to as "linerboard" into boxes. It gets printed, then cut, then glued. They are then stacked on a pallet, banded, then loaded into a truck and sent to the customer. A box manufacturers quality control keeps flawed boxes from leaving their plant. The cuts, gluing and wall strength of our boxes is the exact same as everyone else's.

For the moving kits, we have taken the most popular sizes used in our years of student moving and used these as benchmarks. While the exact measurements will vary from order to order, they are only off by an inch or so. One orders small box might be 16 x 12 x 11 and another's might be 16 x 13 x 9. These are common sizes which will serve well in your next move.


Phone Orders  1-818-464-5504

Moving Supplies

Unprinted News Paper 30 Pounds -- $45.00 

Plastic Bubble Large  -------------------- $95.00

Plastic Shrink Wrap ---------------------- $45.00

Box Sealing Tape, Tan ------------------ $4.00 

Black Markers ------------------------------ $3.00


Small Boxes ------------------- $3.00 

Med Boxes -------------------- $7.00

Large Boxes ------------------ $9.00 

Extra Large Boxes----------- $12.00

Wardrobe Box with Bar ---- $20.00


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